3 Ways To Boost Your Internet Speeds

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LTE Booster
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This generation is one that has made cell phones into more than a mere piece of tech. It is an extension of one self; much like a third eye. You have all the information in the world comfortably seated in the palm of your hands; more books than all the libraries put together; more videos than anything DVD could ever hold…

Cell phones are made more flexible and their uses more vast with the help of the internet. Much of what we do on the phone requires you to be connected to the internet. Be it as simple as checking your mail or booking a cab to the nearest pizzeria. But what happens when your phone simply drops off the grid? No internet means your fabulous piece of tech is nothing more than a glorified MP4 player!

We help you with 3 ways in which you can boost your internet speeds!

  • Clear Out Unwanted Apps

Many apps will download updates and sap off of your internet connection. Every now and then, clear out the apps that you would not need. This will help you to clear out space, increase the phone’s performance and increase your internet speeds

  • Be Sure To Clean Out The Cache Every Now And Then!

The cache memory fills itself up with information that will help pages load fast. One of the probable causes of your pages taking ages to load up completely could be a chocked up cache memory. Simply go to the setting, and then storage to clear out the cache memory. This will make sure your pages load faster and your internet speeds stay the way it is supposed to.

  • Cell Phone Signal Booster

This is a piece of tech that everybody needs to have in their arsenal. With more and more users being connected to existing networks, traffic is increasing and the connectivity will take a beating. A cell phone signal booster or a mobile repeater is a must as it is the one-stop solution for all your connectivity needs! No more dropped calls and static screams from the other end of the line. No more snail paced internet speeds that seems to help the buffering circle on your YouTube videos go on forever and ever. Get yourself a cell phone signal booster and not only you, but your cell phone will thank it as well (you will notice an immediate increase in the battery life)!