How To Get Better Signal Without Paying Money

How To Get Better Signal
How To Get Better Signal
How To Get Better Signal
How To Get Better Signal

Are you struggling with a low-quality cellular signal indoors? If yes, you must first check how strong the signal is outside your property. If some signal is available there, then you should be able to utilize a purpose-built product to boost phone service. Known as a cellular signal booster, this product improves on the existing signal, and comes with an antenna that broadcasts the improved one to mobile devices in need. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic disrupts the usual logistics process, thereby making both ecommerce delivery and physical stores virtually inactive.

Therefore, you may have to wait for some time to purchase the tried and tested product that does the trick. Until then, you may want to know how to get better signal. For this, keep reading.

Avoid Obstructing Your Phone’s In-Built Antenna

There is an antenna inside mobile devices that picks up the cellular signal from your nearest cell site. In the event something gets in the way of it, you would not have any signal at all. That something may be your device’s back cover made with metal, or even your hand. Just be sure to eliminate whatever that obstructs it. In the event you have no metallic back cover, then changing how you hold the device when using it may help fix the issue.

Locate An Adjacent Cell Site

There are applications with the ability to discover cell sites proximate to you. Identifying the source of the signal will aid in determining the ideal place to retrieve it in unobstructed form.

Set It To Use Available Network In Your Location

Try not to configure the device to work on ‘3G only’ or ‘4G only’ mode. When you configure it thus, the device will only pick up the corresponding cellular tower’s signals. It transmits the cellular signals that carry different forms of data to your phone according to where you are. Not to worry, though, because you can set it to use whichever network is available there. Then, the device should automatically switch to the type of cellular network available there. It should come in handy when you are traveling between places.

Maintain More Than Enough Battery

In the event of your mobile device having below 25% battery, it would possibly be unable to use cellular signal in an effective way. With further battery charge, that device will be more capable of picking up and keeping the cellular signal.