Things To Look For While Installing A Cell Signal Repeater System

Cell Signal Repeater
Cell Signal Repeater
Cell Signal Repeater
Cell Signal Repeater

To make the most of a cell signal amplifier system, you have to use the right components and connect these properly. This means, buying the best cell signal repeater alone will not do. So, to make the system as effective as possible with a small amount of effort, follow these tips regarding assembling its components.

Utilize The Shortest And Best Possible Cable

The length and quality of the cable will have an effect on the cellular signal that will travel through it. The longer it is, the more will be the loss of the signal. If it is excessively long, try not to go for a quick-fix such as rolling it to shorten it. This move possibly causes interference and the loss of cellular signals, so choose a much shorter cable instead.

Some boosters have inferior cables, and these bring about a considerable signal loss. The better it is, the less will be the loss. If the amplifier kit contains RG59 mini coaxial cable, buy the RG6-type product. If it contains RG58 coax cable, upgrade it to the LMR-400 item.

Be Sure To Keep Sufficient Separation Between Both Antennae

Placing the internal antenna and external antenna excessively close to each other will result in the booster automatically reducing the power and efficacy. If it is not possible to increase the distance between both, try to shield the former antenna from the latter or vice versa. You must do it to prevent cellular oscillation.

After setting up the amplifier, if you are still not getting the desired performance from it, try the below-mentioned things according to your specific situation.

Tips For A Booster With An Omnidirectional Donor Antenna

It may be easy to set up this antenna, but it is less powerful as compared to a directional Yagi antenna. We suggest using it only in situations where the signal strength outside your building is extremely good and when you must utilize multiple cellular carriers simultaneously. In other situations, we suggest upgrading it to a Yagi antenna.

Tips For Those Who Have A Yagi Antenna

It is more powerful as compared to the aforementioned antenna, but you have to direct it towards your carrier’s cell site. Carriers could decommission old cellular towers and add new ones whenever they want. If they do so, you would have less strong signals than before. In this case, you would have to point the antenna towards the best direction possible, to maximize the signal booster gain.