What Are The Reasons For Dropped Calls?

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In this digital world, we heavily depend on our smartphones. Good cell reception is very essential for making business as well as personal calls. You will feel frustrated when you are on an important business call and the connection drops out. Bad cell reception can also deny your access to the internet.

We usually blame our network providers for poor cell reception. But most of the time, they are not to blame for the dropped calls and slow data speed. In most cases, the reason for the poor signal is the obstruction between your phone and the nearest cell tower.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for the dropped calls.

Obstructions That Blocks The Cell Signal

The obstacles that block the signals can either be natural or manmade. Natural obstacles include hills, mountains, ridges, etc. These obstacles block the cell signals coming from the cell tower and result in weak cell reception. Vegetations like tall trees can also interfere with your cell reception.

Bad weather like heavy rain, storm, fog, storm, etc. is another factor that affects the cell reception on your device. Even the dust particles in the atmosphere can refract the RF signals and cause dropped calls and slow data speed. Tall buildings are also another obstruction that blocks the cell signals.

Construction Materials

Sometimes you don’t get a good cell signal inside a building even though there is a good outside signal. This is because of certain materials that are used for the construction of the building. Construction materials like wire mesh, aluminum, steel, glass, reinforced concrete, and some types of insulation can reflect the cell signals and cause bad cell reception inside the building.

Distance From The Cell Tower

The distance from the nearest cell tower can also be a reason for the call drops and slow data speed. If you are too far from the nearest cell tower, the cell signal you receive will be very weak or may be unpredictable. Sometimes the improper alignment of the cell tower can also cause a weak cell reception.

How To Avoid Call Drops?

There are a number of ways you can improve cell reception, like going out of the building, trying Wi-Fi calling, changing location, etc. But the best solution to avoid call drops is to install a cell phone booster in your building or car. A cell phone repeater can increase the signal strength and improve cell reception. This will avoid the call dropping and increase data speeds.