How To Prevent Calls From Dropping?

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A call can be dropped when it gets disconnected from the cellular network, and this can be a really frustrating situation for the user. This usually happens during weak signals or when something interrupts with the signal transmission. There can be several causes if you are experiencing call drops regularly. It can be because you are too far from the nearest cellular tower. The more the distance, the more interference, and loss of quality of the signal. Natural obstacles like hills, trees, etc block cell signal and man-made obstacles like walls, buildings, etc also disrupt and prevent the signal from reaching the tower or phone.

No matter what the cause is, it is highly disturbing when your call gets disconnected in between a conversation. But, how can you ensure that your mobile conversations are not disconnected in the middle of a conversation?  Given below are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening.

Change SIM Card

If your calls get disconnected frequently, your SIM card might be damaged. A damaged SIM will not be able to meet the requirements of your cellular network. The call will most probably drop in between. So, ensure that your SIM card is not damaged by examining it manually. Take it out from your phone and search for any signs of damage. Replace the SIM if you find any.

Restart Your Phone

It might not make sense now, but try turning off your phone and turn it on again. We rarely turn our phones off which can lead to a full cache. By turning it off, the phone will automatically clear some memory and your calls will be smooth.

Close Background Apps

When too many apps are running in the background, your phone’s cache memory will be full and this can lead to call drops and slow internet speeds.

Get A Cellular Signal Booster

Install a cellular signal booster at home. A cell phone booster will amplify the signal it receives, thereby making it easier for your equipment to detect it.

If none of the above steps work to clear the issue, check whether your cellular network is strong. If it is strong go ahead with the below steps.

Change Case

Remove your mobile phone case and try calling again. Your case can be made of plastic which will block the phone’s internal antennae. Removing it might improve cellular reception.

Stop Moving

Your phone will have to reconnect with the tower every time you move. Therefore, it is best that you stop moving if you feel that the signal is weak.

Stay Outside

As said before, anything between the phone and carrier tower interrupts the cellular signal. Therefore by standing outside, you can avoid the cement, glass, wood, etc of your house reducing the quality of the signal.