How To Solve Overload Problems Associated With Cell Signal Boosters?

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Cell signal boosters are being widely used now for solving the problems associated with poor cell reception. These devices can be helpful to get better signal strength even in areas where there is very poor signal strength. However, there are different issues that can reduce the performance of cellular signal boosters and one among them includes overload. It can significantly reduce the performance of your booster, hence, it is important to solve this issue for regaining its performance. Therefore, through this article, we provide you more information about overload and how to solve it.

What Is Overload?

Overload is commonly found in cell signal boosters in urban areas. You might have experienced low signal strength even if there is good signal quality outside. This is because of the blocking of cell signals by your building materials. Signal boosters can be useful for you in this situation, as they can capture the signals from outside and transmit them inside your building.

However, if there is a cell tower close to your building, then the strength of the signals will be too high. This can result in signal overload in your booster. It can happen from any carrier’s tower irrespective of whether you are trying to boost the signals from that carrier.

Overload problems can reduce the performance of your signal boosters. Your signal booster may shut down if it detects overload problems. This will be generally indicated by a blinking or solid orange light in your amplifier. Hence, it is important to solve this issue for facilitating better functioning of your boosters.

How To Solve This Issue?

The first step is to redirect your outside antenna. If it is a uni-directional antenna point it away from the offending cell tower. You can also change the location of your antenna for shielding it from the cell tower that causes overload problems. However, this may not be applicable in all situations.

The next solution available for you is to use a filter. They will reduce the strength of the incoming signals. Hence, they can be useful for you to avoid the problems associated with overload.

Filters are easy to install and you can adjust them for reducing the strength of the signals in a particular frequency. So they will help you to filter signals in the frequency range that creates overload problems. This will enable you to regain the performance of your boosters so that they will be able to boost signals and provide uninterrupted cell service inside your home or office.