How Will I Know If The Call Booster Works For Me?

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You come to the realisation that you need a cell phone signal booster. The constant call drops and the snail pace internet speeds are making you grind your teeth in frustration and anger. So what do you do next? You surf the internet (or what little you are able to access) and search sites that sell call boosters. But before you take that step, how can you even be sure that the cell phone signal booster will actually work for you? You could always head to the local tech store and throw that question, but knowing from two places would help just as much, wouldn’t it? Read on.

The Solution

The way for you to be sure is to simply use mathematics. The performance parameters of cell phone signal boosters can be calculated with a scary degree of precision. To get the gist-there are five frequency categories that you will find most cellular amplifiers to be in. if you have seen the labeling “five-band amplifier” you know why it is called that way. Each of these bands has a different variable that it depends on. These are:

  • The cell signal reading outside the building
  • The cellular amplifier unit’s output power
  • The type and the length of the coax cables that are linking the antenna and the amplifiers.

You will need to use gadgetry that will help you read these variables. Since most of you won’t have signal strength meters to measure them, you will need to either borrow it from a friend or you might have to call a technician to your house or office. They will walk around and check the strength of the signal at different spots. These could be potential dead spots and checking them will give you an idea as to how effective the cell phone signal booster will be around the whole establishment.

Once you have the answer to this question, you can head over to an expert. They will recommend a cell phone signal booster based on your requirement. Cell phone signal boosters do not follow a one-size-fits-all remedy. Each house is built differently and with different materials; due to this, there is a need to install a cell phone signal booster that specifically caters to you.

Rest assured, you have taken the right step to learn about call booster, and now you are well on your way to enjoying a ‘hiccup-free’ reception and blazingly fast data speeds.