Securing A Better 4G Signal

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The concept of mobile phones being used merely to make phone calls has got a serious makeover. Chatting on social media, e-mailing, watching your favorite videos, and much more are being done on the internet by this generation. In a nutshell, mobile internet has become this generation’s habit. The data speeds differ from one country to another; that is, you may have a perfect signal when you are in the Netherlands but suffer from the poor signal when in Australia.

Despite being massively advertised, 4G in practice is quite disappointing at times, needless to mention dodgy signals. How to boost 4G signals in the Netherlands then? Before getting to this discussion, let us familiarize ourselves with internet signal glossary.

Internet Signal Glossary

You might have noticed one of these letters being displayed near the bar that indicates the mobile signal – G, 3G, H+, E, H, and LTE.

G represents GPRS, and it is the slowest speed you will ever encounter. With this less signal, all that you can do is send text messages on Viber or Skype. E stands for EDGE which is an extended version of the conventional GPRS. When compared to G, E is faster but it is not fast enough for full-scale operation yet. 3G is what a majority of us use these days. The maximum speed it can provide is 42 Mbit/sec.

‘H’ is short for HSDPA or HSPA. It is a much more advanced version of the technology – 3G. Although you have not achieved the best speed yet, and H will give you smooth internet. Moving on, H+ is a much more advanced version of HSPA and we are talking about download speed of 168 Mbit/sec. There is no need for you to get excited when you see H or H+, as it means you will still get only 3G speed and not 4G.

LTE expands to Long Term Evolution. Now, that’s the good news you have been waiting for. It is only if you see these three letters written, you will be able to enjoy 4G data speeds.

How To Boost 4G Signals In The Netherlands?

When it comes to boosting mobile signals, we still follow the method of installing mobile signal boosters. Together with this method, there are two other ways you could try for getting enhanced 4G signals while you are in the Netherlands. Firstly, try using signal optimizing applications. It can guarantee up to 5 bars on the indicator. Secondly, you can try to adjust your mobile phone a little to get the perfect 4G signal. Your network operator may be able to help you with this method.