What Is Causing Your Mobile Battery To Drain Quickly?

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Is your mobile device shutting down more quickly than it usually does? If yes, it is worth the effort to discover the reason(s) for it. Here, we will look at some reasons why the battery usually drains up faster than usual, and a few solutions for this issue.

Its Screen

The screen of a smartphone is thought to consume the maximum battery. This is especially the case with displays getting larger and screen resolutions becoming higher. These features may make your overall phone use experience better, but they cause the screen to be ‘power-hungry’.

The Solutions

Enable Adaptive Brightness

Turning on this feature will mean that you will have a bright phone screen when required while saving its battery when you do not need high brightness.

Enable Dark Mode

Does your smartphone Settings have a theme called ‘Dark Mode’? If it does, just enable it from the Settings menu. It is designed to save your phone’s battery. Apply it so that you can save the maximum battery.

Spotty Cellular Service

Weak signal zones are battery killers, so to speak. Every cell phone always tries to communicate with the tower nearest to its location. When it cannot communicate with that cell site, the device will try harder to reach your cellular network, thereby consuming extra battery than it would ideally want. In the event of being in a patchy service area, then your mobile device would possibly die more quickly than usual.

The Solutions

Move To Another Carrier

The area, neighborhood or city will determine how reliable your telecommunications service is. Discover which carrier offers the optimal cellular service there, and consider switching to it accordingly. You should ensure that the carrier offers a better overall service than your present one. If all carriers offer an identical level of service, then your lack of proper signal availability may be to blame for the issue. In this case, you would want another solution.

Use Airplane Mode

Every modern phone has a feature called ‘Airplane Mode’ or ‘Flight Mode’ on it. Turning on this feature and disabling it after a minute, may re-establish its connection with the network without making it try hard for making the connection.

Use A Booster

Using a 3G or 4G LTE booster is a tried and tested solution to weak cellular signal reception. The product will pick up the weaker signal, boost it and deliver it in the amplified form to your device. With a phone signal booster Netherlands made, your device is unlikely to run out of battery faster than you expect.