Are You Planning To Install A Cell Phone Booster At Work? Read To Avoid Unnecessary Hassles!

Cellular Booster
Cellular Booster
Cellular Booster
Cellular Booster

Today’s world is all about interconnecting people and businesses all over the globe. Ideas and thoughts are shared in the blink of an eye, Whatsapp messages are sent, and YouTube videos are viewed! Everything is quick and nobody wants to wait and look around anymore. Which is why, that little inconspicuous bar at the top corner of your phone screen holds so much importance! It could be as simple as a strong signal connection at work that would make or break a sale closing on-call. Your business could potentially hinge on this very signal! So my question to you is, why take the chance?! Install a cellular signal booster today! But before you run off to the nearest tech store, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before you install a booster in your office!

What Are Cellular Signal Boosters?

These are the fabulous pieces of tech that have changed lives and businesses. Trust me when I say this, a few less call drops makes your day much better! With signal boosters in your workplace, say bye-bye to call drops and slow internet speeds! The signal booster does exactly as it’s named, boosts signals! When there are obstructions in the path between your phone and the nearest cellular tower, the sound quality drops and the person talking on the other end seems to have suddenly turned to a bee! These obstructions could be anything from a hill or even the skyscraper towering over you. That’s where signal boosters come in!

How Do Signal Boosters Improve Phone Signal?

Cell phone signal boosters consist of 3 main parts. These are the outer antenna, the signal amplifier and finally, the internal antenna. The outer antenna fetches the weak signal from the cell tower and passes it onto the amplifier, which increases the power of the signal. The external antenna then broadcast the signal for a cellular device to hook onto!

What To Keep In Mind Before Buying One For My Office?

  • Is Your Office Space Small Or Big?

The signal booster needed depends on whether you want it for a stadium with a 40,000 seating capacity with bandwidth for multiple connections or for a two room office building.

  • What’s Your Budget?

Femto cell type boosters are apt if the office is small. These cost much less, and can be installed in a day or two depending on how large your workspace is. By shelling out more, you can opt for an Active DAS, which could take well over a year or more to install and approve.  The bandwidth for the former is meek compared to the latter, but cheaper. Always ensure to make a choice based on your business requirements.