Cell Phone Signal Booster: Installation And Maintenance

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Cell phone signal boosters are known for their ability to boost the strength of cellular signals. They are becoming a great help for people who experience very low signal quality inside their office, home, or even vehicles. These devices can be beneficial for avoiding a wide array of problems caused by poor cell reception including dropped calls, slow messaging and internet, poor voice clarity, etc.

Cell phone boosters are easy to install and you will be able to install them yourself even if you do not have much technical knowledge. You don’t need to seek the help of a technician for installing signal boosters. They are easy to maintain too. Therefore, through this article, we list some of the important information you want to know about installing and maintaining cell phone signal boosters.

Installing Cell Phone Signal Boosters:

Even though installing a cellular booster is a multi-step process, these steps are very easy to perform. Hence, you will be able to install them without much hassle. The following are the steps you have to follow t install a signal booster in your home or office:

Find A Destination For Fixing Your External Antenna

The external antenna plays a significant role in enhancing the performance of your boosters, as they are responsible for capturing the outside signals. So you have to install it in a location where it can receive the maximum signals. This will help you to boost the performance of your cell phone signal boosters.

You can use your mobile phones for finding a location that has maximum signal strength. Set the phone in field test mode so that it will be possible for you to get accurate readings of the signal strength in different areas. In addition to this, there are different mobile applications that can be beneficial for you to find a spot with better signal strength.

Install The External Antenna

After finding a good spot with maximum signal strength, the next step is to install your external antenna in that spot. The best destination for mounting this antenna is your roof, but if this location is inaccessible, the next best spot is your window.

Connect The External Antenna To The Amplifier

After installing the external antenna, you have to connect it to the amplifier using cables. But before that, choose a location for installing your amplifier. Choose an easily accessible and well-ventilated area for installing the amplifier.

Install The Inside Antenna

For installing the inside antenna, figure out the location where you want to increase the signal strength. Place the internal antenna on the wall or ceiling based on the type of antenna you use and the area you want to cover. Then connect this antenna to the amplifier too.

Connect To The Power Supply

Now your cell phone signal booster is ready and you can connect it to the power supply. After turning the power on, check if all the lights are green. Green lights indicate that your booster is properly working.

But if there are orange or red lights, it indicates some issues. If this is the case, then you have to check whether all the parts of your booster are installed properly. For making further adjustments, you will have to reboot the amplifier.

Maintenance Of Cell Phone Signal Boosters:

Proper maintenance of the cell signal boosters will help you to enhance its performance and extend its life. Therefore, we recommend performing the following actions every 2-6 weeks.

Check The Temperature Of The Amplifier

The amplifier of a signal booster will generally operate around 20 degrees, but it can also function effectively at temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. If you find that your amplifier is emitting excess heat, then you might have to call your technician.

Check The Connection Of The Amplifier

Check whether all the connections to the amplifier are fully inserted. Make sure that they are tightly secured without being loosely connected or overly tightened. Loose connections can interfere with the ability of your amplifier to receive and transmit signals. Overly tightened connections might also hinder the working of your boosters.

Check Cables For Pinching Or Damage

Check your cables for damage. Pinched, frayed, and damaged cables can reduce the performance of the boosters and they can pose safety risks to your home.

Check Your Internal And External Antennas

Poorly maintained internal and external antennas can significantly reduce the performance of your boosters. Antennas should be placed in a location where it is not obstructed by other objects. Placing the antennas in high traffic areas increases the likelihood of them being damaged. Hence, make sure that they are installed in a safe place, where their performance won’t be obstructed.

Cell phone signal boosters are very easy to install and maintain. Therefore, you can easily install them in your home or office without the help of a technician.