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Service providers cannot always guarantee optimal network quality in every situation because different locations have different obstructions like hilly terrain, thick forest cover, signal blocking construction materials etc. Switching service providers will not always give the expected results because hindrances affect the quality of all carrier signals equally.

People often have several questions about signal boosters and in this session, we discuss some of the frequently asked questions about signal boosters.

Why Does The Cell Phone Reception Become Bad?

Cell phone reception becomes bad due to multiple factors and some are given below

  • Features of terrain – Cell signals are transmitted in a line of sight fashion and features like cliffs, hills, ridges etc between your cell phone and cell tower blocks the cellular signals.
  • Man-made obstructions – In contrast to rural areas, signals in urban areas are often blocked by buildings because radio frequency signals find it difficult to pass through concrete walls, metals and oxide-coated glass.
  • Vehicles – Safety glass and metals make up the outer shells of most vehicles and they block radio frequency signals leading to network issues while you are inside a vehicle.
  • Vegetation – Thick forest cover and shrubs absorbs cellular signals and thereby leads to reduction of their strength.

Is Internet Connection Required To Operate Cell Phone Boosters?

No, internet connection is not required to operate a cell phone booster as it works by amplifying the cellular signals that are available in your vehicles or homes.

How Do You Know If You Require A Cell Phone Booster?

If you face troubles like lost connections, dropped calls, slow texts and emails and poor audio quality while you are indoor, and notice the problems going away once you get out, it indicates that it is high time you install a cell phone booster.

What Is The Expected Cost Of A Signal Booster?

The cost depends on the model of signal booster that you plan to buy and the place of installation. Signal boosters for homes and vehicles have different prices and if it is installed in vehicles, the type and price of boosters will vary depending on whether boosting is required for driver alone or passengers too.

Does Cellular Signal Booster Connection Have A Monthly Subscription Fee?

No. Cellular signal booster does not have a monthly subscription fee and their maintenance cost is quite low.

Before you install a cell phone booster, make sure you develop a better understanding of the device, its method of installation, and operation.