How To Resolve Oscillation Associated With Your Cell Phone Boosters?

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Cell phone boosters are devices that are used for amplifying the strength of cell signals for avoiding the problems associated with poor cell reception. These simple devices, which consist of mainly three parts including an interior antenna, an amplifier, and an exterior antenna, are now being used widely in places where there is very poor cell signal quality.

Cell signal booster can also be useful for you if you are also experiencing issues associated with low signal strength. If you are planning to get this device, you should be aware of some of the common issues associated with it and the ways to solve them. Therefore, we list an important issue associated with the cell phone boosters and the ways to troubleshoot them.


Oscillation is a common problem associated with signal boosters. It occurs when the signals from the interior antenna reach the external antenna. It will result in the formation of a feedback loop that can affect the performance of your boosters. The cell phone boosters will be able to detect this condition and they will try to rectify it by reducing its gain thereby decreasing the signal to the interior antenna. Hence, the range of this antenna will be reduced, which can reduce the overall performance of your booster.

If the problem is still not rectified, the booster will shut itself off. You might see signals given by the boosters to indicate the presence of this issue. It is important to solve this issue effectively for restoring the performance of your boosters.

How To Fix It?

  • If you are using a uni-directional antenna, make sure that it is pointing away from the building. If it faces your building, then there is a high possibility for it to receive the signals from your interior antenna.
  • Move the exterior and interior antennas further apart. Do not forget to power down the amplifier before moving the antennas. Try to move the exterior antenna to a higher location if it still receives the signals even after you move the antennas apart, as vertical separation is more useful than horizontal separation. After you have moved the antennas, turn on the amplifier and check whether the problem still exists. If the oscillation is still present, then try moving the antennas further apart.
  • Lastly, if you cannot move your antennas any further but the issue still persists, then try shielding your exterior antennas. Try to align objects such as an air conditioning unit or chimney between your antenna and the rest of the building. This will be helpful for preventing the exterior antenna receiving signals from the interior antenna.

These steps will help you to avoid the problems caused by oscillation in your cell phone boosters to restore the performance of your boosters.