Practices That Help You Get The Best Benefits Out Of Signal Boosters

Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cell Phone Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster
Cellular Signal Booster

We are often troubled by issues in cellular network and sometimes we suffer heavy losses due to network issues. Multiple factors lead to a poor network and it is not practical to address all these factors and find a solution. The best thing you can do is to boost the strength of the signal that you receive in your cell phones and cellular signal boosters serve the purpose so well.

Cellular signal booster is a simple device with minimal components and simple working mechanism that compensates for losses in cellular signal. Three main parts of signal boosters are external antenna, amplifier and internal antenna. Here we discuss some of the best practices that can improve the benefits of signal boosters.

Site Survey

You cannot simply head off to install a cell phone booster before surveying your area for signal quality. A thorough survey will give you a better idea of the points where signal strengths are strongest and weakest, and the information will help you select boosters with the right type of antenna.

A site survey is usually performed using a signal meter, which is a device that gives accurate information about the frequency and bandwidth of the signal.

Selecting The Right Antenna

There are different types of indoor as well as outdoor antenna and you can use the information from the site survey to choose the appropriate one. Urban areas have multiple cell towers and an omni-directional antenna that works in 360-degree angle suits the conditions best. Rural areas usually get signals from a single cell phone tower and the antenna is ideal for rural areas.

Minimize Cable Length

As the signals travel through the coaxial cables of the signal boosting system, they tend to lose strength, and minimizing the length of the coaxial cables helps in checking the signal strength loss. Make sure that minimum length cables are run from outdoor antenna to amplifier and amplifier to indoor antenna. In case of large buildings minimizing cable length is not practical and choosing a stronger antenna can help in preventing signal strength loss in the situation.

Plot The Booster System Prior To Installation

Once you finish site survey, you will have adequate information that could help you with the installation of signal booster. Using this information, carefully plot the antenna locations before you go ahead with the installation of signal booster.

The ultimate aim of signal booster system is increasing the strength of cellular signals and the precision of installation process plays a major role in deciding the efficiency of the boosting system.