Things To Consider When Installing Outdoor Antennas Of Your Cell Signal Boosters

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Outside/outdoor/exterior antenna is an important part of every cell signal booster; as this is the part that is responsible for collecting signals from outside. The performance of a cellular signal booster can be greatly dependent on it. Therefore, you need to install the outdoor antenna properly for maximizing the performance of your booster. Hence, we are listing some of the important factors you must consider while installing exterior antennas.

Types Of Outside Antennas

Before installing the outdoor antenna, you must be aware of different types of antennas available for you. Commonly, there are two types of outdoor antennas. The first category is the omnidirectional antenna that is capable of receiving signals from all directions. These are ideal for use in urban areas, where there is good outside signal strength. It has a short-range and cannot receive signals from long distances. The main benefit of this antenna is an easy installation that does not need much technical knowledge.

The next category is the uni-directional antenna which is designed for receiving signals from a particular direction. They can capture signals even from long distances; hence it is a great choice for use in remote and rural areas. However, this antenna should be pointed towards the cell tower of your carrier for receiving signals.

Oscillation Problems

Oscillation is an issue that commonly affects the working of cell phone boosters. It is caused by the outdoor antenna that receives signals from indoor antennas. Therefore, when you install the outside antenna, try to mount it as high as possible. This will help in avoiding oscillation problems.

It is better to mount your external antenna on the roof for facilitating better reception of signals. If you can’t access the roof, then you can mount it on your window.

If you are using a uni-directional antenna, make sure to point it away from the building. Otherwise, there is a great possibility for it to receive the signals from your indoor antenna. You can get different types of mounts for installing your antenna including pole mount, glass mount, magnetic mount, and wall mount, etc. that can fit your specific needs.

An outside antenna is a very important part of your cell signal booster. Thus, you have to take great care while installing it. Make sure to mount it as high as possible so that it will be able to receive more signals. Also, make sure to avoid the oscillation problem for facilitating the better working of your signal boosters.