What Does The Signal Bar On Your Phone Mean?

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The world has become a digital powerhouse with everything being about moving fast and always being on the go. Your carry-on bag is riddled with so much tech and gadgetry be it your laptop, your cell phone, your fitness band, your digital camera, hell even your shoes now connect to the internet to track your jogging and sprint speed. Everything is connected and runs with the boosted power that the internet offers.

But have you ever wondered what the connectivity bar on your phone or laptop actually means? You need not wonder, we will help you. Read on…

Signal Bars

What is surprising is that the signal bars that you see every day on your home screen don’t actually tell you the correct measurement of the signal that your phone is receiving. Different cell phone manufacturers use different icon measure and there is no industry standard that says the ‘this much bars means this much signal strength’- so how do you know how much is it that you are working with?

What Defines A “Good” Signal?

In the case of modern gen connectivity, such as 4G and 5G, the strength of the signal is measured using Reference Signal Received Power or RSRP. When your RSRP is in the -85 dBm (Decibel milliwatt) range, then that means the signal is excellent. The signal strength is poor if the RSRP is anywhere near -150 dBm or lower and the only thing you’ll be hearing is the static noise.

Out of the signal that you receive, only a portion of it is actually usable-the rest is noise! The minute the noise and interference in the receiving signal increases beyond a limit, it overrides the usable signal and you get terrible voice quality and crackling sound.

How To Check Your Signal

  1. If you have an Android phone on you, then simply navigate from the settings to the about and finally to the status and signal strength

Settings > About Phone > Status > Signal Strength


Settings > System > About Phone > Status > SIM Status > Signal Strength

  1. If you are using an iPhone, then simply dial *3001#12345#* and press the Call button. This will put your phone in field testing mode, from which you can see your signal strength.

What To Do If Your Signal Strength Is Terrible?

Get yourself a cell signal booster as it is your best hope. Cell phone signal repeater or booster will take care of most of your communication woes!