Why Your Mobile Signal Is Bad All Of A Sudden

How To Get Better Signal
How To Get Better Signal
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Are you experiencing issues such as dropped calls or weak internet performance due to bad mobile signal? If yes, do not think that it is happening only to you. Many people sometimes face these issues because of the same reason. If this happens, your first thought might be to switch to another telecom service provider. Wait before you make that move – it is likely that your Telco is not to blame for the signal issue.

Peak Cellular Traffic

You are not likely to be the only one talking over the phone or sending messages. If you live in a big town or city, many others will likely be using their mobiles for the same activities as mentioned above.

So the closest cell site to you will get much signal from multiple devices and will transmit it to the nearest switching center. The signal from all these devices will fight for space on that cellular tower. When your mobile device is linked to it, your call is not likely to drop. Then again, the more amount of traffic which struggles to get a space on it, the weaker the signal will be.

Construction Materials

The main reason for the weak signal is the material used to construct your residence, workplace building, shopping center or even your car. The most responsible materials for this are newfangled and tinted low-emissivity glass, and metal.

Do you regularly see signal bars decreasing and increasing when moving around the building? Or, does the signal get better when standing near a door or window? If the answers to these questions are a yes, the metal building material might be blocking your mobile phone signal.

Low Battery

Have you been delaying charging your mobile phone? If yes, you might have a weaker signal at the time you most require it. Energy is needed for your mobile phone to constantly have a connection to your cell site; if it is on low battery, you might just have signal issues.

Cell Site Distance

The farther your device is from a cellular base station, the weaker your signal will be. This will reduce the signal to just one bar, which will in turn cause continuous moments of echo when you are in a telephone conversation.

How To Improve A Weak Mobile Signal

A cell phone repeater improves the signal considerably, whether you are in your house, office or car. The signal amplifier takes the weak signal, improves it considerably, and broadcasts the improved one again to where it is needed. As a result, you will get better cellular service on the whole.